Chances are your heroes are jerks

Every now and then I make a little time and write someone an email, usually for no other reason than to tell that someone that I am a fan and keep up the good work.

I think a large part of the feel good vibe of the design community, or any community for that matter, is to be able to give praise to a hero or just to someone for a job well done. Any designer will tell you that respect and positive feedback from peers is what matters the most.

And I think we can all agree that we love praise. I mean, who doesn’t? As long as it is sincere, right?

You’d be surprised how rare it is with a simple “thank you” in return.

We teach our kids to say please and thank you. But if a complete stranger takes a few minutes of his or her time to pay you a compliment, isn’t it at least common courtesy to say “thank you”?

I don’t know, maybe I was brought up different. Or maybe we should just say sod it, and leave any praise to communities like Dribbble or similar websites, where back patting is all too casual and anonymous.

I won’t stop sending any praise though. On the contrary, I still think there is a place for that in the community.

Jonas Strandell

Designer, copywriter and one-time Urban Dictionary contributor. Fueled by rage and bacon. Don’t ask me to resize your logo it’s not an extension of your penis.