Thank you, American friends

For as long as I can remember I’ve been somewhat of an expert at either declining, or cancelling on any event that involve meeting people from the web. By default I’m kind of awkward when it come to mingling and networking within the web community. This is because I have a genuine fear of finding out that people I admire from a far will disappoint and be complete ass hats. But yesterday was not a day like that, because I had actually looked forward to this meeting for quite some time.

I met up with Jessica Allen and a few of her friends that came to Sweden for the Nordic Ruby conference. It was such a wonderful day out in Stockholm and I’m so happy I got to meet some fantastic people. We spent the day walking around drinking and eating and sun helped show off Stockholm as the beautiful city it is.

Jonas Strandell, Davy Stevenson, Jessica Allen, Andy Delcambre.
Jonas Strandell, Davy Stevenson, Jessica Allen, Andy Delcambre.

On the train home it suddenly struck me that maybe I’ll never meet these people in person again. This is a somewhat sad realization of course, but also a reminder not to be so quick to cancel on events like this in the future.

Thank you again for a great day!

Today’s song: Belle and Sebastian – Another Sunny Day

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